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Orange menu

the Orange Menu features cage free eggs and free range meats 

the orange menu offers V – vegetarian | GF – Gluten Free

Special of the week for the orange menu starting 05/20

Spinach-Pesto Benny $11.5

Two poached eggs, sauteed spinach, fresh herbs, feta cheese on toasted English muffin. Served with organic
mixed greens and balsamic vinaigrette.

Pancake Flight of the Week $12
starting Saturday 05/20 is


on the Orange menu is our pancake flight is a themed tasting of four stacks of silver dollar specialty pancakes you don’t have to choose, you get all four. Due to the delicate nature of preparation, we request that this dish is for dine in only please.

1.Raspberry- Chocolate chip pancakes, raspberry-champagne jam and whipped cream.

2.Strawberry- Pancakes topped with strawberry greek yogurt, vanilla granola, and strawberry slices.

3. Blackberry- Blackberry pancakes, orange-rosemary reduction, and fresh blackberries.

4. Blueberry- Pancakeswith fresh blueberries, blueberry whipped cream, and lemon zest.

Pancakes/ French Toast/ Granola/ Frushi

Lemon Meringue Pancakes $12
buttermilk pancakes/ lemon curd/ torched homemade marshmallow.

Cinnamon Roll Pancakes $12
pancakes/ cinnamon brown sugar / vanilla glaze.

Buttermilk $8 or Gluten free pancakes $9
add strawberries/ blueberries/ bananas/ chocolate chips 1.5 each & vanilla glaze 0.99 each

Orange Rosemary French Toast $12.5
rosemary-orange battered brioche/ toasted almonds/ orange-rosemary cream reduction/ fresh orange garnish.

Chai Tea French Toast $12.5
ricotta-stuffed chai-tea battered brioche/ caramelized apples/ honey/ chai tea cream reduction.

All natural organic granola GF $8
all organic; rolled oats/ sun flower/ flax/ sesame seeds/ shredded coconut/ and almonds baked in coconut oil with honey and vanilla bean. Choose Yogurt/ SOY/ Organic milk

Frushi – Fruit Sushi $2.59 1st serving, $1.59 each additional serving GF
We handcraft our Frushi using fresh fruit and sushi rice. Flavors like a maki piece such as orange and ginger rice with pear stuffed inside and the nigiri piece as a coconut and lime rice with strawberry place on top.

Omelets/ Scrambles/ Eggs  


Unless noted in the entree description, all entrees are served with our house mashed potatoes and toast. Substitute the house potatoes for french fries or fresh fruit at no charge, mixed greens for 0.99 or sweet potato fries for 2.25 Egg Whites are available at no charge.

ALL ENTREES, except for the Burrito (tortilla), Peppercorn Raspberry Egg Sandwich (bread), and Benedicts (English Muffin) are gluten free without the bread.

Omelet No. 5  $13
gluten free natural/ locally made Apple-Chicken-Chardonnay sausage/ caramelized onions/ baby spinach/ aged white cheddar/ topped with spiced pecan sour cream. 

Chihuahua Omelet $13.75
diced potatoes/ chorizo sausage (substitute veggie chorizo for 1.75)/ cilanto sour cream/ jalapenos/ melted chihuahua cheese/ avocado.

Omelet No. 15.5 V $13
pesto/ asparagus/ baby spinach/ kale/ herb boursin cheese/ topped with a roasted garlic sour cream. Served with organic mixed greens/ balsamic dressing.

Vegetarian Breakfast Burrito V $12
scrambled eggs/ locally made vegetarian chorizo/ pico de gallo/ aged white cheddar/ chipotle sour cream/ spinach tortilla. Served with organic mixed greens/ balsamic dressing.

Huevos Rancheros GF $12
two eggs your way/ corn tortilla chips/ white bean puree/ salsa verde/ white cheddar.
add meat-chorizo or veggie-chorizo 2 | add avocado 2

Chorizo Hash $12
diced potatoes/ caramelized onions/ chorizo/ cilantro/ two fried eggs. Served with organic mixed greens/ balsamic dressing.
Make it veggie-chorizo 2 | add avocado 2

Peppercorn-Raspberry Egg Sandwich $11
toasted multi grain bread/ two fried eggs/ smoked bacon/ baby spinach/ aged white cheddar/ pepper-corn mayo/ raspberry sauce.

Two Eggs $8.50
served your way/ house potato/ toast: White/ Multi Grain/ Rye/ English Muffin

Popeye’s Scramble V $13
spinach/ roasted tomatoes/ white cheddar cheese

Green Eggs & Ham $13
scrambled eggs/ nut-free basil pesto/ diced ham/ roasted tomatoes/ fresh mozzarella.

Build Your Own Scramble $13 

choose any three ingredients.
Additional ingredients are 0.99
BYO Extras are a 2 each.

ONIONS raw or caramelized



BYO Extras 2 each

Add Avocado 2

Eggs Benedicts

Eggs Benedicts on this orange menu are served in house only due to the raw egg in hollaindaise

Served with our house mash potatoes or substitute the house potatoes for french fries at no additional charge, or, sweet potato fries for 2.25  or, an organic mixed greens salad or a fruit cup for $0.99

Traditional Eggs Benedict $13
English muffin/ Canadian bacon/ poached eggs/ hollandaise

Tijuana Eggs Benedict $13
English muffin/ white bean puree/ pico de gallo/ poached eggs/ chipotle hollandaise
add chorizo or veggie-chorizo 1.75, add avocado 2

Steak & Eggs Benedict  $18
thick sliced brioche bread/ char-grilled beef tenderloin/ poached eggs/ hollandaise/ balsamic glaze

Orange for Lunch menu

*Unless we say otherwise, our orange menu lunch sandwiches and wraps are served with french fries. Substitute for Sweet Potato Fries for 2.25 or fresh fruit or an organic mixed greens salad for 0.99 Substitute for the house mashed potatoes, no charge.

Veggie Melt Sandwich or Spinach Wrap  V $11
Sauteed zucchini/ mushrooms/ garlic/ roasted bell peppers/ spinach/ oregano with melted smoked gouda/ aged-white cheddar/  rosemary bollo/ served with organic mixed greens/ balsamic vinaigrette.

Grilled Cheese Sandwich $10
A blend of white cheddar/ mozzarella cheese/ caramelized onions/ roasted tomatoes; grilled on your choice of white/ multi-grain/ marble rye.   add avocado 2 or bacon 2

Grass Fed Burger $13
Grass fed beef/ bun/ pepper aioli/ lettuce/ tomato/ onion/ choice of white cheddar/ pepper jack/ swiss

Reuben Sandwich $11.75
Corned beef or turkey breast/ toasted marble rye/  sauerkraut/ thousand island dressing/ swiss cheese

Triple Decker Turkey Sandwich $11
Oven roasted turkey breast/ toasted triple-decker white bread/ chipotle mayo (mildly spicy)/ lettuce/ onion/ fresh tomatoes

Extras for sandwiches
Avocado 2
Fried Egg 2.75
Bacon 2
Pesto 0.99
Jalapeno Slices 0.99
Caramelized Onions 0.99
Mushrooms 0.99
Chipotle Sauce 0.79
Bbq Sauce 0.79
Ranch 0.79
Jalapeno Mayo 0.99
Pepper-jack 0.99
White Cheddar 0.99
Swiss 0.99

California Chicken Wrap $12
Boneless, skinless chicken breast/ romaine lettuce/ jalapeno mayo/ bacon/ mango salsa/ spinach tortilla/ french fries

Chicken Tenders GF $10.75
Gluten free chicken tenders/ french fries/ smoky bbq sauce

Soup and Salad

add chicken 4 or steak 7.25 to any salad!

Cup of Homemade Soup $4

Citrus salad V GF $12
Organic mixed greens/ kale/ cucumber/ orange segments/ tomato/ toasted sesame seeds/ feta cheese/ honey-lime dressing

Pear Bleu Spinach Salad V GF $12
oven roasted pears, shaved red onions, spinach, dried cranberries and chunky Bleu cheese dressing.

Organic Mixed Greens Salad V GF $6
Organic mixed greens/ cucumbers/ fresh tomatoes/ balsamic vinaigrette

Orange Kids Menu

Baby Cakes $5
great for kids, or as a “side of pancakes”; five baby buttermilk pancakes.
make them gluten free pancakes for an additional 1.5

Fruity Pebble Baby Cakes $5.5
Five fruity pebble infused babty buttermilk cakes/  fruity pebble infused butter.

The following are for kids 10 and under please. Thank you!

Kid’s Egg $6
scrambled egg/ house potatoes or french fries or fresh fruit no charge  / toast: white/ multi grain/  marble rye/ english muffin

Kid’s Grilled Cheese $6
melted white cheddar/ toasted white or multi-grain.
served with house potatoes or french fries no charge or fresh fruit

Peanut Butter and Jam Pancakes $6
three baby size buttermilk pancakes/ homemade strawberry-blueberry jam/ peanut butter whipped cream.
make them gluten free pancakes for an additional 1.5

Sides Menu

Beverage Menu